5 Fictional Homes that Needed a Home Inspection

Before you finally claim the full ownership of a home, you should have it inspected. This will save you from underlying problems that the house may be having. Although home inspection is applicable in the real-life scenarios, let’s imagine if it was taken seriously in the fantasy world. Fictional houses with real life issues. There’s a likelihood that some of the scary incidences that took places in those homes won’t be experienced. In this article, we are going to look at five legendary and fictional homes that should have undergone a thorough home inspection service.

1. Harry Potter House-4 Privet Drive

Harry Potter House

The house which was located on 4 Privet Drive was under the ownership of Petunia Dursley and Vernon. They lived here with their son and Harry Potter who was their nephew. Most houses within the area had the same design as this one. It was made up of two floors. Everything about the house seemed to be okay except for a few things. For instance, Harry Potter’s room was inhabited by scary spiders. Anyone at his age won’t be able to cope up with these arachnids.

As if that was not enough, the 4 Privet Drive house was also invaded by the notorious owls and birds. Obviously, everyone hates owls and you don’t want to imagine how scary it was to live in this house. These birds were also destructive and couldn’t give homeowners the much-needed peace of mind.

Home inspection service could have turned the house a sweet haven. One aspect of a home inspection is the pest and termite inspection. This service is designed to detect the presence of pests in a property. The service also incorporates measures to prevent pests from thriving in the near future.

2. The Hobbit House

the hobbit house

The hobbit house is characterized by nature and simple living. Most of the building materials existed in their natural set up. The house needed a few modifications to make it habitable. The hobbit house was on the hillside and next to the river bank. It suited their main economic activity-farming.

The setup of the hobbit house exposed it to various dangers and one of them was poor ventilation. The house had very minimal openings meaning that there was no free circulation of air in and out of the house. Also, the ceiling of this house was quite low. There was a very small space between it and the floor. Apart from the ventilation issue, this house was badly affected by high humidity.

High humidity provides a conducive environment for the growth of mold. They can grow on the walls, floor, ceiling and even on the furniture. The humid condition in the hobbit house was worsened by the poor ventilation. Moisture and cool air that evaporated did not find an escape route. It continued accumulating in the house hence accelerating the growth of mold.

A complete home inspection service entails checking the ventilation and system. Inspectors can also check to determine whether the house will be able to deal with high humidity.

3. The Simpson’s House

The simpsons house

The Simpson’s house is another fictional home that needed an immediate home inspection service. This is because it was in a total disarray. Everything about it seemed to be out of place.
The roofs were leaking and water could flow into the house freely. The walls featured lead paint which has lots of negative effects, especially to health. The kitchen was in a bad shape and needed a complete makeover. The house harbored life-threatening items such as asbestos, toxic waste, mice, baby dinosaurs, hidden treasure and recording gadgets. The Simpson’s house was unbearable during extreme weather conditions such as heat waves. This is because of the poor ventilation system.

Home inspection service would have covered various areas of Simpson’s home making it safe for human living. If given a chance, the inspectors could have done the asbestos and lead painting testing. This service is designed to get rid of any elements of asbestos and lead in a home. Also, roof inspection could have been done to ensure that there’s no leakage.

4. Tony Stark’s Mansion

Tony Stark Mantion


Tony Stark mansion drew lots of attention mainly because of its location. The house was located on a cliff right next to the sea. Although this is an ideal location for most aspiring homeowners, the house was prone to various forms of risks. Most of us associate cliffs with instability. The Stark Malibu as it is also known needed a strong foundation to support it.

The Stark’s mansion needed to undergo a foundation inspection. This type of inspection entails evaluating and analyzing weaknesses in the building’s foundation. The inspection is done by structural engineers who inspect all the key aspects of the foundation. In case of a problem, the inspectors could recommend the best modifications that should be carried out. The inspection is designed to ensure that the building remains safe and stable.

5. Friends Apartment: Monica Illegally Subletting

Monicas Apartment Friends

What started as a game escalated so fast when Monica and Rachel ended up subletting their apartment. It started when Chandelier and Joey were challenged to guess what is in Rachael’s shopping bag. Since there were no plans for the whole subletting issue, the new occupants moved in into the apartment without knowing what to expect.

As the drama continues, one thing that stands out is that the new owners should have inspected the apartment before taking it. This would have saved them from various issues that come with home ownership. A home inspection service can help aspiring homeowners to know the state of the house that they are about to buy. The inspection can unravel the state of home fixtures, lighting, appliances, furniture and even the design. Home inspectors can also inspect the neighborhood to determine whether it will match your lifestyle.

Apartment home inspection can help a buyer to pay for a home that is worth the cost. You won’t feel shortchanged after you have already moved into the house.

The experience from the above fictional homes leaves us with lessons on the value of a home inspection service.