Home Inspections Orlando FL – How Often Should You Get A Roof Inspection?

Say you’ve now settled in your wonderful home. Everything is done. All papers are submitted. You’ve had all the necessary home inspection services, from roof inspections to mold testing and now you’ve finally closed the deal. What’s next?

Alright. You might be wondering what’s life to offer you now. Well, of course, you just moved into your dream home and the next thing you know, you’re putting photos on your family album and watching home videos. But that’d be pretty much a part of the future but the ‘near future’ also needs good planning so let’s tweak the time a little bit and go back to the present. Carefully plan ahead what needs to be maintained in your home so you won’t get shocked with unpleasant surprises down the road.

Did you know that your roof is one of the most overlooked aspects of your home? And did you know that any damage in your roof can greatly impact the structural integrity of your property? Does that mean roof inspections should not only be done once or twice? or thrice? The answer is YES. That’s one of the things you need to plan ahead as it is part of home maintenance.

Basically, the frequency of a home inspection varies and depends on the materials used and what conditions the roof has been exposed to. Should there be any signs of damage that need immediate action, the same should be taken care of the soonest.

According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, the ideal self-check is AT LEAST twice a year in addition to professional inspections.

Below is a helpful guide on how often should a roof inspection be:

1. It’s not only shingles!

Most people think of a roof and only see shingles and tiles. The fact is, there’s more to life than shingles and tiles that one might now know the depth of repair and condition that requires regular inspection. The roof is composed of trusses or rafters to give support, sheathing material made of sheet metal or boards which cover the rafters, and on top of that is the underlayment on which the shingles or tiles are laid. The underlayment cannot be easily inspected and is also the part that degrades most quickly. Professional inspectors are one call away to do this job.

2. If you notice any signs of damage on your roof, you need a roof inspection.

Extreme weather conditions can wreak havoc to any part of your property, much more to your roof. Any visible signs of damage such as missing tiles or damaged shingles, granules of the shingles in the gutter or drainage, dry rot, mold, and mildew due to water seepage all pose a threat to the integrity of the home. If you notice any of these, call for professional inspection immediately to prevent further damage.

3. The different roofing materials weather and decay differently.

Generally, a roof made of asphalt or composite shingles and even wooden shingles needs an inspection every three years. A tile roof can go up to five years before the next inspection. The underlayment can still degrade faster so it’s best to have it inspected earlier than the recommended span.

4. A happy roof is a happy home.

Regular home inspection works on the interiors and roof inspection specifically targets the exterior protection of your home. Roofing is one of the most expensive repairs there is so, instead of paying hundreds for roof repair, why not have it well maintained in the first place?

Your home, if well maintained, can live up to your expectations. Pass your property from generation to generation. A roof inspection should be one of your long-term goals starting today.


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As a family-owned business, we pride ourselves on supporting homeowners and families who need an honest, competent and dependable property inspector. We understand the importance of safety. When it comes to children and family. Therefore, we give special attention to deficiencies in systems and components of the home that represent an immediate danger. And we are independent and impartial; we work for you – our client – and not for an agent or other interests.

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How to Improve Your Credit Score Before Applying for a Mortgage

How to improve your credit score before applying for a mortgage

In today’s world, lenders use many different types of credit scoring models. There are virtually hundreds of different models out there for lenders to choose from.

Many lenders continue to use conventional models that don’t provide a score for millions of consumers. That often puts younger borrowers such as millennials at a disadvantage.

Millennials are less likely to have long credit histories, and they may only have one or two credit accounts. Because young adults today carry more student loan debt, they are understandably reluctant to assume more debt. While that’s a prudent approach on the part of millennials, it can cause their score to be lower than those with deeper credit histories.

Many lenders are adopting new tools that address this problem. One example is VantageScore 4.0, which scores approximately 40 million more consumers than other conventional models.

Unfortunately, mortgage lenders are not able to use this model and rely on more conventional credit scoring models.

Regardless of the model, there are some common things you as a consumer can do to make it easier to get your next loan.

1. Assess your report

Get a copy of your report from the three major credit reporting companies (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) at www.annualcreditreport.com and make sure the information is accurate. Evaluate your issues. Do you have a short credit history? You may need time to build it up. Is your file “thin” (fewer than four credit accounts)? Thicken it up (See No. 2). Are you using too much of your available credit? Pay down what you can on existing accounts to keep your credit utilization at 30 percent or less. Have you missed payments? Use calendar reminders or other tech solutions to help you stay on time. Getting in the habit of pulling your credit report one every 12 months is a good credit management habit.

2. Keep and use longstanding accounts

Don’t cancel an older account in an attempt to stop yourself from overspending, as the length of your credit history matters in traditional scoring methods. Use your accounts with care, and don’t charge more than you can afford. If you haven’t used an account in a long time, make a small purchase or two to keep the account active.

3. Use technology to your advantage

Many companies allow you to set up automatic payments of minimum amounts to help you avoid late fees, or will send email or text reminders when a bill is coming due. As long as you have the income to support automatic payments (and/or ready reserve at your bank or credit union just in case), go ahead and sign up. Just make sure to keep a record of the dates and amounts of future payments to avoid unpleasant surprises.

4. Test your credit score know-how

Visit www.CreditScoreQuiz.org, created by VantageScore Solutions along with its partner, Consumer Federation of America, to see what you know and learn ways to improve your credit score.

No matter your situation, you can improve your own credit outlook by taking stock and following these tips to boost your score.

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Going Green a Smart Real Estate Strategy That Adds Value

Life can get hectic. While it is easy to become overwhelmed with busy schedules and everyday challenges, it is important to carve out personal time for relaxation and renewal. The practice of self-care and personal wellness is becoming a trend on the rise.

To incorporate this trend into your daily routine, take a page from the luxury hotel playbook. Imagine what you would see, feel, smell and experience if you stepped into the bathroom of a five-star suite. Luxury bathrooms are designed to invite you to slow down, relax and spoil yourself.

Instead of thinking of your bathroom as your “hurry-up-and-get-ready space,” transform it into a “shut-out-the-world-and-recharge-your-batteries-space.” These are some luxury hotel concepts you can implement in your own home.

Draft your color theory

Soft and subtle or deep and bold? It depends on how you want to set the mood. Soothing colors that call back to natural scenery, like seafoam greens, pale blues, and soft sandstones, are relaxing. Yet rich, supersaturated colors are on-trend and can create the perfect backdrop to make chrome fixtures, sculptural appliances and other statement pieces stand out.

Indulge in upgraded essentials

Nothing speaks to luxury like thoughtfully designed bathroom products that are beautiful to look at and deliver an incomparable user experience. For example, TOTO’s elegant line of NEOREST NX Intelligent Toilets take pampering to the next level. These smart toilets feature high-tech innovations like an auto-open/close seat and lid, and a unique, integrated personal cleaning system that leaves you feeling clean and refreshed. The high-luxe NEOREST NX line is also environmentally sustainable, reducing the need for toilet paper and automatically keeping the bowl pristine without harsh chemicals thanks to their ACTILIGHT, EWATER+, and CEFIONTECT cleansing technologies. To learn more about these beautiful intelligent toilets, visit totousa.com.

Provide an extra blast of warmth

Heated flooring makes the transition from tub to toweling off pleasant, leading to a relaxing bathroom experience. For an extra touch of luxury, install a bathroom fireplace and take additional time to let your troubles melt away in the warmth and flickering light.

Don’t shy away from glamorous lighting

When adding finishing touches, try installing a great chandelier to create a focal point for the bathroom. A sparkly overhead chandelier throws light-scattering dazzle around the room, while a bold pendant light fixture adds color and clean lines. Dimming switches will give you the option to create your desired mood lighting.

Dress it up with blooms and greenery

A beautiful plant or a vase of fresh flowers will dress up any room. Research shows that the simple act of incorporating nature into your everyday life elevates the mood, making “me time” in the bathroom much more enjoyable. Opt for plants that thrive on humidity and natural light, such as orchids, ferns, bamboo and aloe vera.

Make it multisensory

When creating the ultimate luxury bathroom space, consider all five senses. Create a visually stunning scenery. Splurge on plush towels that caress your skin. Install overhead speakers to fill your ears with natural sounds or soothing music. Incorporate scents that make you feel happy and relaxed. Set up a reed diffuser or arrange scented bath bombs on a beautiful platter. And to end your day peacefully, treat yourself to a nice cup of herbal tea.

Now that you know what’s essential in a luxury-grade bathroom, take the first step in bettering your self-care routine by making transformations to your bath space. – (BPT)

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Mix, Match and Mosaic: The Top Interior Design Trends of 2018


The Article Courtesy of A.C.F. Home Inspections Inc.

Whether you’re redecorating your home or changing up, here are some of the best interior design trends we are to see this year.

Whether you’re redecorating your home, changing up that old carpet for warm hardwood flooring, or just longing for a fresh coat of paint and some new accents in the living room, the design trends this year are all about texture, style and surprises. It’s hardwood floors celebrating knots and imperfections or variations in plank sizes and color. It’s wood on your walls and faux stone tile backsplashes. It’s mixing unexpected materials to create an entirely new look. Mix, match and mosaic is what it’s all about this year.

Sara Babinski, a designer for Armstrong Flooring, offers her view of the top design trends of 2018.

Inspired by nature

Earth tones are big this year in everything from accent pieces, to linens and walls, to flooring. Think natural-colored solid hardwood and rattan dining chairs. Also on trend: breezy, uncomplicated seaside styles that incorporate natural aquatic blue and green shades.

“We are seeing an ode to the elements in interior design – walls and flooring that look distressed or weathered, and an ongoing demand for the look of reclaimed wood,” says Babinski.

A trend that was hot in the ’90s is also making a resurgence: faux stone, and designers taking artistic license with depicting natural stone in decor, flooring, and walls.

Diamonds are a floor’s best friend

Looks can deceive, and what may appear to be a hardwood floor is actually luxury vinyl or LVT. Thanks to incredible advancements in printing technology, these are no longer your grandma’s floors. A perfect example of this trend is Armstrong Flooring’s vinyl or engineered tile floor with Diamond 10 Technology, a proprietary flooring innovation that infuses cultured diamonds into the floor, providing the ultimate in scratch, stain, and scuff resistance.

If you still want solid hardwood with the same protection, consider Paragon Solid Hardwood, which incorporates the same Diamond 10 Technology without any compromise. Paragon floors are made from 100 percent solid Appalachian hardwood, ensuring your floors will remain beautiful for a lifetime.

Stimulation of the senses

Create a mosaic of varying colors and textures in your home.

Hardwood flooring in 2018 will celebrate the natural beauty of the wood, showing and highlighting knots and naturally occurring imperfections, including varying plank sizes, colors, and widths. Artisan styles will also be popular this year, with hand-brushed and -scraped patterns.

The “raw meets polished” trend is all about high shine versus ultra low gloss. This may include reclaimed wood furniture, updated with modern, shiny metal hardware or the aesthetic of using both low gloss and medium gloss on your floor.

Also on tap this year is mixing metals, especially in the kitchen. “Warm-toned fixtures can now live harmoniously with stainless appliances and with the latest appliance trend – a beautiful black finish! Copper, rose gold and oxidized metals are especially popular,” Babinski says.

Cultural influences and animal prints

Globally, Babinski sees trends of warm minimalism (warmer shades of gray, blue and brown evoking Hygge), and on the flip side, bold maximalism, a strong mix of bold colors and patterns balanced with gray walls and blonde hardwood and wood-look floors.

Cultural influences in accent pieces continue to trend. Whether it’s a hand-woven basket or a lamp with a Moroccan design, they add a sense of global style to your rooms.

Although exotic hardwood is going out of style in favor of American domestic species, Babinski is still seeing fun pairings with animal prints in furniture and accessories, such as area rugs, which pair perfectly with natural material floors.

Victorian and antique

The reemergence of Victorian and antique decor can translate easily to flooring trends like Millwork Square Solid Hardwood parquet and strip hardwood in Prime Harvest.

Also in 2018, patterns are meant to be broken, especially in floors. Herringbone-patterned flooring is trending, and floors will incorporate different colors, textures, glosses, plank widths and lengths.

“Flooring can even go on the walls, as seen by the continuation of the wood-on-walls trend,” adds Babinski. “Overwhelmingly, though, hardwood floors will continue to be low-gloss and ultra-matte.”

Interior Design Tips & Tricks | Overhaul


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5 Fictional Homes that Needed a Home Inspection

Before you finally claim the full ownership of a home, you should have it inspected. This will save you from underlying problems that the house may be having. Although home inspection is applicable in the real-life scenarios, let’s imagine if it was taken seriously in the fantasy world. Fictional houses with real life issues. There’s a likelihood that some of the scary incidences that took places in those homes won’t be experienced. In this article, we are going to look at five legendary and fictional homes that should have undergone a thorough home inspection service.

1. Harry Potter House-4 Privet Drive

Harry Potter House

The house which was located on 4 Privet Drive was under the ownership of Petunia Dursley and Vernon. They lived here with their son and Harry Potter who was their nephew. Most houses within the area had the same design as this one. It was made up of two floors. Everything about the house seemed to be okay except for a few things. For instance, Harry Potter’s room was inhabited by scary spiders. Anyone at his age won’t be able to cope up with these arachnids.

As if that was not enough, the 4 Privet Drive house was also invaded by the notorious owls and birds. Obviously, everyone hates owls and you don’t want to imagine how scary it was to live in this house. These birds were also destructive and couldn’t give homeowners the much-needed peace of mind.

Home inspection service could have turned the house a sweet haven. One aspect of a home inspection is the pest and termite inspection. This service is designed to detect the presence of pests in a property. The service also incorporates measures to prevent pests from thriving in the near future.

2. The Hobbit House

the hobbit house

The hobbit house is characterized by nature and simple living. Most of the building materials existed in their natural set up. The house needed a few modifications to make it habitable. The hobbit house was on the hillside and next to the river bank. It suited their main economic activity-farming.

The setup of the hobbit house exposed it to various dangers and one of them was poor ventilation. The house had very minimal openings meaning that there was no free circulation of air in and out of the house. Also, the ceiling of this house was quite low. There was a very small space between it and the floor. Apart from the ventilation issue, this house was badly affected by high humidity.

High humidity provides a conducive environment for the growth of mold. They can grow on the walls, floor, ceiling and even on the furniture. The humid condition in the hobbit house was worsened by the poor ventilation. Moisture and cool air that evaporated did not find an escape route. It continued accumulating in the house hence accelerating the growth of mold.

A complete home inspection service entails checking the ventilation and system. Inspectors can also check to determine whether the house will be able to deal with high humidity.

3. The Simpson’s House

The simpsons house

The Simpson’s house is another fictional home that needed an immediate home inspection service. This is because it was in a total disarray. Everything about it seemed to be out of place.
The roofs were leaking and water could flow into the house freely. The walls featured lead paint which has lots of negative effects, especially to health. The kitchen was in a bad shape and needed a complete makeover. The house harbored life-threatening items such as asbestos, toxic waste, mice, baby dinosaurs, hidden treasure and recording gadgets. The Simpson’s house was unbearable during extreme weather conditions such as heat waves. This is because of the poor ventilation system.

Home inspection service would have covered various areas of Simpson’s home making it safe for human living. If given a chance, the inspectors could have done the asbestos and lead painting testing. This service is designed to get rid of any elements of asbestos and lead in a home. Also, roof inspection could have been done to ensure that there’s no leakage.

4. Tony Stark’s Mansion

Tony Stark Mantion


Tony Stark mansion drew lots of attention mainly because of its location. The house was located on a cliff right next to the sea. Although this is an ideal location for most aspiring homeowners, the house was prone to various forms of risks. Most of us associate cliffs with instability. The Stark Malibu as it is also known needed a strong foundation to support it.

The Stark’s mansion needed to undergo a foundation inspection. This type of inspection entails evaluating and analyzing weaknesses in the building’s foundation. The inspection is done by structural engineers who inspect all the key aspects of the foundation. In case of a problem, the inspectors could recommend the best modifications that should be carried out. The inspection is designed to ensure that the building remains safe and stable.

5. Friends Apartment: Monica Illegally Subletting

Monicas Apartment Friends

What started as a game escalated so fast when Monica and Rachel ended up subletting their apartment. It started when Chandelier and Joey were challenged to guess what is in Rachael’s shopping bag. Since there were no plans for the whole subletting issue, the new occupants moved in into the apartment without knowing what to expect.

As the drama continues, one thing that stands out is that the new owners should have inspected the apartment before taking it. This would have saved them from various issues that come with home ownership. A home inspection service can help aspiring homeowners to know the state of the house that they are about to buy. The inspection can unravel the state of home fixtures, lighting, appliances, furniture and even the design. Home inspectors can also inspect the neighborhood to determine whether it will match your lifestyle.

Apartment home inspection can help a buyer to pay for a home that is worth the cost. You won’t feel shortchanged after you have already moved into the house.

The experience from the above fictional homes leaves us with lessons on the value of a home inspection service.

6 Important Questions to Ask a Home Inspection Company


6 Important Questions to Ask a Home Inspection Company - ACF Home Inspections

That beautiful house you stumbled upon, in a perfect area in Orlando, might have some big problems that you are not even aware of. If you do not want to end up buying such a property and waste your money, then take help of home inspectors Orlando and find out any potential issues with a property. Now, there are many home inspectors in Orlando but you need to find the best. If you are wondering how you can find the best, then just ask them some simple questions given below.

1. Are you a part of some professional inspection organization?

Reputable Orlando home inspection services will be a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors or other such organizations. Each such organization has licensing and certification procedures and their members have to follow some ethical and procedural standards when they conduct any home inspection. Though members of these organizations may not necessarily be an expert, they will follow the rules, and those that are not members should best be avoided.

2. What is your experience?

If you opt for a home inspector who is a newbie but has an experience in home repair or construction then that is fine. What you need to make sure is that at least they have proper training or will have senior experienced inspectors to guide them through the process of inspection.

3. What kind of background do you have?

The best Orlando home inspection company will hire professionals who are experts. You obviously would want to entrust the job to someone who knows what actually is within the walls of your house and is aware of the local building requirements and codes. The background becomes even more important if you are interested in some old home. The inspector you hire must be aware of the problems that old homes have and new ones perhaps do not. It will be best to look for an inspection company that has an experience of inspecting the kind of home you are interested in.

4. How much time will you take to inspect the home?

Usually, it takes about three to four hours to inspect a home. If the home you are interested in is larger or older then it may take some more time. It will just not be a good idea to hire someone who promises to complete the inspection process within an hour or two.

5. What type of report will you provide?

Inspectors generally will offer you a report in a maximum of 24 hours. Make sure to find out if the reporting style of your inspector matches your lender’s requirements and also suits you. You can request them to share samples of their previous inspections to get surer.

6. Can I be with you during the inspection?

If the answer to this question is no, then you just should not hire that inspector. During the inspection process, you get to learn more about your home and also about any repairs that may be required. Any good inspector will not mind you accompanying them during the process and this is something you should not forget.

Apart from these questions also ask the A.C.F. Orlando home inspection services about their schedule and fees, and if everything seems okay then you may hire them without any further delay.

6 Tips To Make Your Bathroom Sellable, And Enjoyable, At The Same Time

cozy-bathroom-designHelpful information from A.C.F. Home Inspections Inc.

When it comes time to sell your home, not all rooms are created equal. Sure, potential buyers will walk through the entire house, but their opinion of a few primary rooms can ultimately determine whether they choose to offer or walk.

Your bathroom(s) — especially your master bathroom — are among these key rooms. As you prepare to put your home on the market, it’s time to take an honest look at these spaces. What do the bathrooms say about your house? Do they say “buy me now” or “no thanks”? If it’s the latter, then it’s time for a few home improvements that will turn the sale of your house from stale to sold.

A sound investment?

Yes, it is. In fact, bathroom remodeling projects are some of the most cost-effective improvements you can make to a home, according to HGTV. A minor bathroom remodel has an average return on investment of 102 percent at the point of sale. A major remodel returns 93 percent of your investment. That means your newly upgraded bathroom will actually help sell your home for more money in the long run.

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Know How To Protect Your Family Against Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

kids playing at homeBrought to you by A.C.F. Home Inspections!

Few areas of the country are immune to natural disasters or severe weather. Whether you live in a hurricane zone or face icy winters, it is important to prepare your home and family to weather the storm and know the potential health and safety risks that may arise in emergency situations.

Beyond inconvenience, widespread and long-term power outages resulting from storms raise a much more serious concern: carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. While the poisonous gas can come from any fossil fuel-burning appliance or vehicle, the risk posed by generators is of particular concern because of this year’s devastating storm season.

“Simple preparation, along with an understanding of the risks of CO, are key factors for protecting your home and loved ones both during storm season and throughout the year,” said Tarsila Wey, director of marketing for First Alert. “The risk of CO can occur anytime — not just during emergencies — which is why installing and regularly testing CO alarms are an integral part of any home safety plan.”

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Home Innovations That Protect Against Moisture

projects to do at home against moistureBrought to you by ACF Home Inspections

There is an insidious enemy that every homeowner dreads: moisture and the damage and degradation it can cause if left unchecked. Luckily, home improvement manufacturers have discovered new ways to prevent moisture from penetrating the home in the first place. With new home product innovations, there is no reason to suffer the costly and damaging effects of rain, snow or ice.

Unique fasteners add longevity to decks:

Innovative fastening methods can extend the life of your deck and provide a beautiful fastener-free surface that also stands up better to weather and moisture. Although there are several kinds of deck fasteners that conceal the fastener, edge fastening is the latest method. “With edge fastening, which delivers real screws into the edge of the deck boards with a series of unique guides and drill bits, fastener-related splitting and cracking can be eliminated,” said Greg Palmer, Director of Marketing at National Nail’s CAMO Edge Fastening. “This can add to deck life because moisture is not seeping into those cracks and splits, causing accelerated degradation.” He adds that the company has also expanded its warranty to cover the deck boards, as well as the screws. “Edge fastening works great for composite, PVC and all types of wood decks and creates a safer, fastener-free surface.”

Exterior cladding that resists moisture:

When searching for alternative exterior products that have beauty and curb appeal, make sure they repel moisture, especially near the foundation or near the gutters at the roof line. It is now possible to have the look of rich wood cedar shake or a variety of stone looks to cover foundations or to upgrade the ugly space under decks. New technology enables polymers to actually be stained or finished to be indistinguishable from the real thing. “There are new levels of realism in shakes that resemble true cedar,” said Ralph Bruno, president, Tando Building Products. “Beach House Shake” by Tando is an example of this superb realism — it installs easily and is impervious to moisture with little to no upkeep.” He adds that homeowners can keep moisture at bay and have luxurious exteriors without sacrificing beauty.

Protect your home in every season:

As if heavy spring rains and winter’s melt-off didn’t threaten homeowners’ properties enough, the hurricane season is expected to be more erratic than in years past — with a predicted early start and activity right into late fall. Thankfully, there are new, affordable technologies to quickly remove standing water from homeowners’ properties, keeping it away from their foundations. “Having both dependable sump pumps and multi-use pumps are the first lines of defense against storm damage,” said Jeremy Cantor, VP of Marketing for WAYNE Pumps. “One example is the innovative WaterBUG Submersible Water Removal Pump, which can remove large volumes of standing water quickly and easily from flat grassy yards, basement floors, and even tight spaces like window wells because it has both top and side water flow.” He emphasizes that having reliable multi-use and sump pumps in your home can save thousands of dollars in property damage and basement repairs.

Seal it or patch it to keep water out:

Water damage doesn’t have to happen, and by having the right caulks, sealants and hand tools, homeowners can easily do the job themselves and save on contractor costs. And, if moisture gets ahead of you, there are ways to repair the damage and prevent it from happening in the future. After winter, check windows, under door frames, gutter lines, concrete and other vulnerable areas that need sealing or patching. Very often, the simple act of sealing these areas with the right type of caulk can make a big difference in keeping out moisture. “One of the most popular sealants on the market is LIFETIME Ultra, which is a perfect solution for outdoor fix-ups after winter’s damage,” said Alan Crupper, VP of Marketing, Red Devil, Inc. He added that premium acrylics like this work very well and are paintable, unlike silicones. “You need a caulk that has a tight seal, won’t sag or crack no matter the temperature and especially for outdoors, one that adheres well to any surface.”

No matter the season, moisture can put your home and valuables at risk, so don’t delay in taking preventative action or repairing damage where it starts. With innovative new technologies on the market, you can easily protect your home from nature’s wrath. – (BPT)


Controlling Moisture During Winter


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Smaller Metros Take Action To Draw Millennials Fleeing Bigger Urban Areas

bigger urban areasThe Article Courtesy of A.C.F. Home Inspections

Are millennials getting ready to leave big cities in droves? Some experts in demographics, economics and real estate have predicted the millennial exodus from huge urban areas has already begun. If true, the question remains: where will they go?

Some may head to the suburbs, like their parents and grandparents did before them, but many will look for a different lifestyle, one that combines the advantages of suburban living with the best features of city life. Some smaller metro areas, like Wausau, Wisconsin, are banking they have the blend of economic opportunity, urban elements, affordability and lifestyle that will attract migrating millennials.

The draw:

“Economy has always been a factor in generational migrations, and while the nature of work has changed, economic opportunity is still key to where people want to live,” says Christian Schock, director of planning, community and economic development for the City of Wausau. “Everyone wants to find a place with the winning formula of urban activities, affordability and lifestyle. Businesses want to put down roots in that environment, too, knowing it will draw a bigger pool of skilled workers.”

In recent years, the City of Wausau has made concerted efforts to position itself with both big city amenities and small town assets. By many accounts, the efforts are paying off. In a 2016 Pew Research Trust analysis of income equality nationwide, Wausau ranked first in the nation, with the middle class constituting 67 percent of the city’s total population. Wausau also ranked highest in Wisconsin and eighth nationally on Area Development magazine’s list of hot spots for new and expanding businesses.

The formula:

Small to mid-size metro areas that want to attract millennials, as well as businesses and investors, need to address key areas, including:

* Urbanity

In addition to the recreational and entertainment amenities often highlighted when discussing millennials, many mid-sized metros lack the diversity of housing types that can be found in a larger city which millennials might be accustomed to.

One strategy Wausau has focused on specifically is diversifying housing product. The City funded local architects to design an urban rowhouse — a housing style which did not previously exist. For over a decade, leaders proactively assembled parcels for new riverfront apartments, and continually worked with developers to seek tax credits which could be applied to renovating historic properties into unique multifamily offerings.

* Affordability

Rising real estate costs are among the factors that kept many millennials living in cities longer than they might have liked, experts say. Mid-sized metros have an edge in making home buying more affordable for millennials — and homebuyers of all generations.

Recognized as a leader in economic development homesteading, Wausau’s Live It Up program is a partnership between local employers and the city to provide employees with a no-interest down payment assistance loan for the purchase of a home. In the last two years, the program has allocated more than $200,000 in no-interest loans to local employees.

* Place

Millennials who came of age in urban environments have a strong affinity for multifunctional spaces, and are drawn to communities that are a walkable mix of business, retail, industry and residential. While the specific physical space needs may change, their own strong sense of identity makes them inclined to seek a region that has its own established sense of self.

Wausau has leveraged more than $100 million in new downtown development over the past decade and currently has another $100 million under construction, emphasizing the city’s identity as a vibrant, growing core. Wausau’s Riverlife Village project is reclaiming more than 16 acres of urban waterfront along the Wisconsin River to house a new park, river wharf, mixed-use office space, biking paths, apartments and a family entertainment center.

Perhaps the greatest testament to a mid-sized metro’s success is the recommitment of historic businesses to local growth. Wausau Insurance was an early innovator in workers’ compensation insurance, which evolved out of the necessity for local lumber mills to share the risk of worker rehabilitation. Now part of Liberty Mutual, the company recently announced a $50 million regional facility expansion. Wausau Window and Wall Systems and Linetec, both in the building materials industry, also trace their roots to the lumber industry, and have completed over $60 million worth of expansion and doubled the size of their workforce within the past five years, providing a strong foundation for continued economic development.

“Any resident, millennial or not, is looking for ways to connect with their community. Both businesses and residents are discovering that smaller cities can even be more responsive and creative than larger metros,” says Robert Mielke, mayor of Wausau.

To learn more about how the City of Wausau is attracting residents from big cities, visit www.wausome.org. – (BPT)


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