COVID-19 And Your Home Inspection

We’re Still In Business And Doing A Safe Home Inspection In Spite Of COVID-19

The current COVID-19 outbreak is a concern that we take very seriously. We are still in business and want to communicate with our clients, agents, and employees on the steps we’re taking amidst the crisis. 

We want to keep the inspection process as safe and informational as possible while maintaining a consistent level of professionalism. Know that we value and prioritize everyone’s health. Rest assured that any changes we will implement are for the best of everyone involved in this crucial part of real estate transactions. 

In view of the aforementioned, we request that unless you find it necessary to attend the inspection, it would be best if you wait for the electronic inspection report within 24-hours.  During the inspection, we will keep our lines open so we can discuss our findings via phone call. We normally encourage your attendance but at this point in time, we request that you avoid being present. If your attendance is needed, we ask that only you and your agent be around and not bring others along.

We guarantee that our inspection report will provide insightful details so you have a clear understanding of the property. Furthermore, our home inspectors will strictly follow health and safety precautions to protect you, our employees, and the homes that we inspect.

  1. Wear protective equipment such as gloves, shoe covers and face masks if available. 
  2. Wash hands before, during, and after the home inspection with clean water and soap. 
  3. Bring hand towels or paper towels to keep our hands dry. 
  4. Keep hand sanitizer close by for easy access. 
  5. Use disinfectant wipes when touching any surface or items in and around the house. 
  6. Avoid touching the face, shaking hands, and even fist bumps. 
  7. Keep a minimum distance of 6-feet as part of social distancing. 
  8. If our inspector feels unwell, he will not conduct the inspection and shall be scheduled on another date. 

If you feel sick or show signs of any illness, we recommend that you do not attend the inspection and take some good rest instead, monitor your symptoms and seek medical attention should the need arise. The same will be followed by our team. 

Again, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your real estate process. We are working to provide the best and safest options in protecting everyone involved in this process. 

We wish you and your family good health. 


Luis and Wanda Figueroa   

A.C.F Home Inspection

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As a family-owned business, we pride ourselves on supporting homeowners and families who need an honest, competent and dependable property inspector. We understand the importance of safety. When it comes to children and family. Therefore, we give special attention to deficiencies in systems and components of the home that represent an immediate danger. And we are independent and impartial; we work for you – our client – and not for an agent or other interests.

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6 Important Questions to Ask a Home Inspection Company


6 Important Questions to Ask a Home Inspection Company - ACF Home Inspections

That beautiful house you stumbled upon, in a perfect area in Orlando, might have some big problems that you are not even aware of. If you do not want to end up buying such a property and waste your money, then take help of home inspectors Orlando and find out any potential issues with a property. Now, there are many home inspectors in Orlando but you need to find the best. If you are wondering how you can find the best, then just ask them some simple questions given below.

1. Are you a part of some professional inspection organization?

Reputable Orlando home inspection services will be a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors or other such organizations. Each such organization has licensing and certification procedures and their members have to follow some ethical and procedural standards when they conduct any home inspection. Though members of these organizations may not necessarily be an expert, they will follow the rules, and those that are not members should best be avoided.

2. What is your experience?

If you opt for a home inspector who is a newbie but has an experience in home repair or construction then that is fine. What you need to make sure is that at least they have proper training or will have senior experienced inspectors to guide them through the process of inspection.

3. What kind of background do you have?

The best Orlando home inspection company will hire professionals who are experts. You obviously would want to entrust the job to someone who knows what actually is within the walls of your house and is aware of the local building requirements and codes. The background becomes even more important if you are interested in some old home. The inspector you hire must be aware of the problems that old homes have and new ones perhaps do not. It will be best to look for an inspection company that has an experience of inspecting the kind of home you are interested in.

4. How much time will you take to inspect the home?

Usually, it takes about three to four hours to inspect a home. If the home you are interested in is larger or older then it may take some more time. It will just not be a good idea to hire someone who promises to complete the inspection process within an hour or two.

5. What type of report will you provide?

Inspectors generally will offer you a report in a maximum of 24 hours. Make sure to find out if the reporting style of your inspector matches your lender’s requirements and also suits you. You can request them to share samples of their previous inspections to get surer.

6. Can I be with you during the inspection?

If the answer to this question is no, then you just should not hire that inspector. During the inspection process, you get to learn more about your home and also about any repairs that may be required. Any good inspector will not mind you accompanying them during the process and this is something you should not forget.

Apart from these questions also ask the A.C.F. Orlando home inspection services about their schedule and fees, and if everything seems okay then you may hire them without any further delay.