Before you start looking and planning how to decorate your “soon-to-be-home”, there are still a handful of things you need to do. One of these is to have the new home inspected. There are many important reasons why a home inspection is necessary before purchasing your new home.

Picking out paint colors and planning to shop for decorative items is very exciting. However, nothing beats the satisfaction of moving into a safe new home. With all the excitement of figuring out where the furniture will fit, never forget to hire a home inspector and have the home inspected first.

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Why Should I Have A Home Inspection by a Licensed and Certified Inspector?

You won’t have surgery without a qualified surgeon. That same goes for the home inspection. There are things that licensed and certified home inspectors see through their trained eyes. They have the experience and the expertise to see things that the home buyer won’t. In fact, some home buyers opt to hire a home inspector during the early phases of construction while most of the house is still visible and accessible. A newly built home is still not exempt from a home inspection and the walk-through with the builder may not be enough.

Below Are 5 Important Reasons Why You Should Choose To Have A Home Inspection

1. You can and will find problems in a newly constructed home. Contrary to what most of us think, just because it’s new doesn’t mean there are not issues. It’s nearly impossible for the builder not to miss something. Building a home involves different subcontractors who work in different areas and with different systems. These separate but simultaneously occurring activities make it impossible for the builder to carefully check all phases. Some common issues found in newly built homes are as follows

– Broken trusses
– Unattached ducts
– Raised roof shingles
– Missing insulation

2. The second reason is that a municipal building inspection is not the same as a home inspection. Municipal building inspectors check for compliance of building codes which are the minimum standard. Most of the time, municipal inspectors conduct multiple inspections a day which may be far from enough of a thorough and comprehensive inspection.

3. The problems found before buying can be fixed before moving in. The good thing with a home inspection is that you have a heads up on what must be done before taking ownership of the home. You won’t be bothered with dust, noisy repairs or having to stay home from work to monitor the repairs being done.

4. Minor repairs can be fixed before they cause major damage. A home inspection gives you the proper knowledge of the major components of the home. It gives both sellers and buyers the time to address what needs to be handled before it results in serious concerns or rather costly damage.

5. It will definitely matter when you resell the property. When you plan to resell, buyers will likely get a home inspection. Even if you didn’t know that some issues existed before you took ownership of the house, the home inspection can still discover it. Remember, the builder will no longer take responsibility for these issues.

6. With the above reasons mentioned, hiring a professional licensed and certified home inspector to inspect your new home will pay off in so many ways and allow you and your family to enjoy many years in your new home.

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