How to Save Money With a Home Inspection

Buying a home is a very important financial transaction. For most, it is the largest one they will ever make. To ensure that you are buying a sound property, enlist the help of a professional home inspector and you must always ask for a just and detailed home inspection report. You may also want to make the purchase of your new home to be conditional upon a satisfactory inspection. Let’s look at what would make an Orlando home inspection cost ‘satisfactory.’

If you live in a climate where termites are a problem, you should invest in a termite and pest inspection. This is not an area usually checked by most home inspectors. It is worth the extra money as termites, carpenter ants, even mice can weaken walls and floors, and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

A professional home inspector will look at every mechanical and structural aspect of the property. The first thing an inspector will verify is the foundation. He will look for large cracks, verify for level ground and look for water penetration. Problems can be detected by mold or mildew and by a white powdery material which indicates penetration points. Some home inspectors will also check for radon gas concentrations. The foundations of the house will be evaluated for proper joints, angles, and materials used. The walls rising from the foundations will be inspected for incorrect framing and possible water damage.

Next, comes the mechanical inspection where walls, plumbing, and electrical systems are inspected for damage, non-code compliant construction, or wear and tear. Pipes will be checked for rust, lead, or other chemical issues and visible leaks will be noted. The electrical system will be inspected to determine if there is any faulty wiring, inadequate circuit breakers, uncovered switches or receptacles, incorrect grounding, or bad GFCI trips.

The home inspector will go up in the attic to look at the framing. Angles and strength will be evaluated, and any air or water leaks or other damage will be noted. The underside of the roof will be examined for tears or holes, and outside vents will be inspected for proper seal. The inspector will also get up on the roof to look at the general condition of the roof. Any holes, loose tile, bad flashing or any other weakness will be listed.

The home inspector will walk around the house to look for leaky faucets and improper flow. Close attention will be given to the heating and air conditioning systems to evaluate duct leaks, filter condition, and adequate capacity and flow. The furnace and water heater will be inspected to ensure compliance with current standards. Gas or wood stoves will also be looked at to ensure physical integrity and proper function.

All the findings will be noted in a binder which is then given to the person who paid for the home inspection. Homes inspection are a tool for potential buyers, as it lists all the defective items in the home which will give the potential buyer leverage when negotiating the selling price. A home inspection cost in Orlando can also benefit the seller. Any repairs or improvements can be done before placing the house on the market. An investment of just a few hundred dollars can provide peace of mind and save the buyer thousands of dollars in the long run.

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