Home Inspection Orlando FL -Here’s Why Water Damage is a Home Inspection Nightmare

Water is the source of life, of course. But sometimes, it can also be a source of trouble. Water damage is a nightmare for homeowners because it can appear out of nowhere and leave behind serious problems. In fact, water damage can produce mold growth within 24 hours. Think of the extent of the damage if left untreated for days, weeks, or months.

Signs of Water Damage Your Home Inspector Will Look For

Below are the signs of water damage that can compromise your home’s structural integrity, your family’s health and safety, and even hurt your sale.

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Indications of structural damage include:

–     cracks, holes, and water damages in the structure of your home

–     functionality problems of windows and appliances

–     HVAC system issues

–     pipe and drain leakage

Common signs of water damage are as follows:

· Sagging Ceiling – Sometimes we see sagging in the ceiling but we often don’t take this seriously. Unfortunately, this sign of water damage is something that should not be ignored, ever. You only see a sagging ceiling but beyond that are several problems. If left unchecked, your ceiling is likely to collapse. Apart from that, mold growth can thrive within your ceiling and pose a health risk to you and your family.

· Warped Floor Tiles – If you notice soft spots in your flooring, make sure to investigate it further. Improper installation can cause cupping on the floor but water damage can do the same. It can be a result of moisture and humidity. However, it is also an indication of a generous amount of water below the floor. This should be inspected and fixes right away.

· Soggy Carpets – There are many types of carpets out there but a soggy one should be something to worry about. A moist, soggy, or squishy carpet is commonly caused by a slab leak. Whether the moisture can range from damp to soaked, it’s a breeding ground for mold. Act on it quickly. Identify the water source, fix the problem and replace the carpet right away. It’s very important to keep the house dry.

· Stucco Cracks- Cracks in the stucco of your home exterior is a concerning sign. Water moisture in your walls can enter the foundation of your home and open doors for new issues such as wood rot, swelling in the drywall, mold, and other damages.

· Holes in the Attic – Any holes within your attic space is an obvious sign of roof leak. Heavy rains and storms can produce serious damage and lead to other extensive problems if left unattended.

Is a House with Water Damage Still Sellable?

“Can I still sell my home?” YES. “Do I have to disclose the water damage to the buyers?” YES, of course.

You can still sell your home but the buyers need to be informed of any damages or health risks.

However, water damage can significantly affect the value of your home. That is why a pre-listing inspection is an ideal option before listing your property on the market. This way, you’d be able to address the issues and fix them right away. However, if you cannot afford to fix the problems, you can sell the property for a low value as a “fixer-upper”. Talk to your real estate professional to weigh out your options.

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