There are various methods via which the lead paint can be removed, but the method which is more suitable depends on the hazardous conditions which these lead paints have caused. If the lead paints are in walls or ceilings, but the repairs have been started then it can be covered with paint easily to keep the lead paint at its place.

Paint removal techniques vary with the underlying surface. For the wooden surface, dipping the piece in the chemical is the most common method employed. The chemical removes all old finishes; the piece is then rinsed clean with water. Care must be taken as the chemicals are harsh and can also damage the wood. Shellac and lacquer are easy to remove, shellac is thinned with alcohol. Steel wool pack has to be soaked in alcohol and moved on the surface in the circular motion to remove the shellac. The thinners being highly pungent, care must be taken; so also the thinners are inflammable, it is, therefore, necessary to wear rubber gloves and have the room ventilated if the work is not carried in open.

Various Methods For Lead Paint Removal

1. Enclosure 

This is by far the most basic method which is used. In this method, the lead paint area which is affected is covered with a new surface on it so that one is not exposed to the substance. It is basically covered with aluminum or vinyl cladding.

2. Encapsulation 

In this process the materials are bonded with the existing paint of surface, it not just a coat of paint, its encapsulated bond is towards the lead paint. This type of method requires proper instructions from a paint remover manufacturer India, to be followed so that there is a strong and long lasting bond.

3. Replacement 

The word itself gives the clear picture that it is the right time to now change your windows, doors or any other woodwork that has been affected by lead paint.

4. Removal

There are various methods with which the lead paints can be removed, such as wet hand scraping with liquid paint removers or wire brushing. There is another option which depends on the expert to choose which is the electric sander is equipped with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtered vacuum.

5. Avoid till you can option 

Sounds a bit crazy that what type of method is this but yes option is only suitable when your house is in a good lead paint condition and there are no children below the age of 6. If you are willing to sell the house then this information has to be disclosed or else if the condition is worsened then paint stripper manufacturer India needs to be called to treat the condition before selling the house.

Safety measures:

Proper safety measures must be adhered to, as the chemicals are potentially risky health hazards. Wearing of rubber gloves and the face masks are appropriate, so also the room or the premises must be properly ventilated when the use of strong chemicals is implemented for paint removal.

Now that you know that this lead testing and lead paint removal processes are important in home inspection as well, it’s about time to add it up to the list of what is need to discuss when deciding for a home inspection. Aside from this, you have to consider also other Orlando home inspection processes like mold testing, Orlando radon mitigation, water testing or 4-point inspection for a wide range of home inspection you can do in your own place.

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