4 Point Insurance Report 

We’re proud to be one of the leading providers of commercial as well as residential insurance inspections. Having built a reputation for excellence with our numerous clients and policyholders is indeed amazing. Our 4-point insurance report are both thorough and fair. We guarantee speedy evaluations so that you can be on your way to what really matters – enjoying your home.

Homeowner’s insurance is not only a valuable peace of mind tool to ensure your valuables and property are safe in the event of a fire, natural disaster, break-ins, and other such tragedies, but it’s also a necessity. Choosing the right inspector, specifically an Orlando home inspection company is the key to securing the right policy at the right price – and fast. You can schedule your home inspection Orlando now!

With decades of combined experience, our inspectors are state-certified and licensed. They’ve been conducting a thorough evaluation, and then transmit the results directly to our high-grade quality control staff. This several-step process ensures absolute accuracy, so you’re never in any doubt.


Custom Inspections – Giving You the Right Insights the First Time

Since no two insurance companies share the same checklist for an inspection, it’s important to choose an inspection service that offers customization. This allows you to get the final and accurate results your company is looking for the first time. That is, without the necessity to order further inspections.

What specially tailor our offer to suit the insurance company of your choice, with attention to the key features leading companies to focus on. This is made possible thanks to our competent inspectors who are constantly innovating and updating their knowledge of the latest practices.


Why You Need Our 4-Point Insurance Report

If you live in a high-risk area, prone to violent storms, hurricanes, tornados, and the like, many insurance companies may be reluctant to offer you coverage. If the home you own or are purchasing is relatively old (more than 25 years), they may fear old plumbing, wiring, and structural integrity failing in the near future, making it a poor investment for them.

Should you obtain insurance in these cases, it’s often at an outrageous price with few benefits. Then it will hugely impact your monthly budget while also leaving part of your home’s safety in limbo.

Our 4-point insurance report evaluates and addresses these key concerns insurance companies have, providing a complete look at the real risks and rewards of offering you a policy – at a fair price. With all the information laid bare from a trustworthy source such as ourselves, insurance companies are able to see you as less of a liability and lower their rates, while offering you greater coverage.


What Does a 4 Point Insurance Report Cover in Orlando, FL?

While the inspection can be broader based on the concerns of yourself, your desired insurance company, and our inspector, the plan covers:

– HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)

– Electrical wiring and panels

– Plumbing connections and fixtures

– Roof

Have peace of mind that your home is covered, and eliminate the stress of back-and-forth with your insurance provider, racking up costs. We offer home inspections that are thorough, accurate, stress-free, and fast. Schedule your home inspection Orlando now!


4 Point Insurance Report includes:

Heating and Air Conditioning

Type of Heating System, including estimate age, has a system had upgrades, condition of heating system, fuel tank location is applicable and comments

Type of Cooling System, including estimate age, has a system had some upgrades, the condition of a cooling system, and comments. Schedule your Orlando Home Inspection today!


Number of bathrooms, water pressure, main water line material, main waste/vent material, fixture supply line material, fixture drain line material, shut off values present, water heater location, water heater fuel type, approximate age of water heater, TPR value present, fire sprinkler system present, freeze hazard noticed, polybutene noticed, plumbing leaks noticed, recent plumbing upgrades, overall plumbing condition, comments


Style of a roof, type of roof covering, estimated age of roof covering, number of shingle layers, type of sheathing, flashing damaged noticed, missing shingles or covering, truss or rafter damage noticed, evidence of active leaks, estimated life expectancy, comments. Schedule your Orlando Home Inspection today!


Service amps are the size of service efficient, fuses or circuit breakers, main panel location, panel ground observed, GFCIs present in bathrooms, ACFIs present in bedrooms, aluminum branch circuits, active knob, and tube wiring, exposed or unsafe wiring noticed, recent upgrades, overall electrical system condition, comments

Click to view a Sample 4-Point Insurance Inspection Report.


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