Recent medical studies have confirmed that mold testing is essential for anyone who has evidence of mold from water damage or other causes. Mold, specifically black mold, has been shown to be the number one cause of respiratory symptoms and allergic symptoms in buildings and homes. This is extremely dangerous for anyone breathing in this type of mold. Stachybotrys, which can be found in homes, schools, and offices, have been even linked to fatal pulmonary disorders.

The good news is that more often than not, the mold that is usually found in those environments is relatively harmless to respiratory systems. However, any mold can be unsightly and ruin everyday things like photos, clothes, and other porous items in the home, causing the loss of loved things. Mold testing is critical because mold can invade the very structure of a home because mold thrives in surfaces that are porous, such as the wooden framework of houses! Testing can find hidden mold before the damage becomes irreparable.

To find out if you might have mold and may need a mold test kit, look around your house and see if you notice any of these: a damp basement or crawl space, discoloration along baseboards, wallboards, and even wallpaper, cracks in the tile, loose caulking, leaks under sinks, watermarks on walls, or dirty air conditioning vents and heating ducts. Mold testing may be required if you do notice any of these things. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself or cannot find a mold test, you can go online for a large selection of different mold tests.

It is always frustrating and stressful to find that there is something in your home that seems to be invading it. Acting quickly and aggressively is the first line of defense against mold infestations that can quickly become out of control. When mold can cause illness and breathing problems for you and your loved ones, a mold test becomes of the utmost importance for the health and safety of all.

Our Orlando mold testing is an investment on your part and that is wise and oftentimes necessary. Given the grave effects of mold growth, it can be said that the mold inspection cost and hiring an experienced mold inspector are well worth it.

The Importance Of Orlando Mold Inspection:

  1. In starting a mold removal process, mold testing is required. At the place of contamination, you have to kill mold spray, when you kill mold. You cannot identify the growth unless it spreads the musty odor or someone in the family starts suffering from the mold allergy.
  2. Mold tests and inspections help locate the exact place of contamination.
  3. You get to know the type of mold that had attacked your home also. Remediation can be determined properly, hence. Mold testing has a myth.
  4. People often say that mold testing never yields negative results! It is true. Mold spores, molds, and mildews are omnipresent; traces of molds and mildews would be found whenever you conduct mold testing. However, the thing you should look at is some mold spores present in per unit volume of air.


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