We’re Still In Business And Doing A Safe Home Inspection In Spite Of COVID-19

The current COVID-19 outbreak is a concern that we take very seriously. We are still in business and want to communicate with our clients, agents, and employees on the steps we’re taking amidst the crisis. Schedule your Home Inspection Orlando Today!

We want to keep the inspection process as safe and informational as possible while maintaining a consistent level of professionalism. Know that we value and prioritize everyone’s health. Rest assured that any changes we will implement are for the best of everyone involved in this crucial part of real estate transactions.

In view of the aforementioned, we request that unless you find it necessary to attend the inspection, it would be best if you wait for the electronic inspection report within 24-hours.  During the inspection, we will keep our lines open so we can discuss our findings via phone call. We normally encourage your attendance but at this point in time, we request that you avoid being present. If your attendance is needed, we ask that only you and your agent be around and not bring others along. Schedule your Home Inspection Orlando Today!